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Texoma Engineering Services LLC was established in 1988 at its present location on 2222 Sheppard Access Rd., Wichita Falls, Texas.  We offer engineering services in two areas, geo-technical engineering and construction material testing.  Our goal has been to constantly improve the quality of our service and expand the range of services offered.

 Our senior technician has 12+ years of experience in construction materials testing and more than eight years with TES.  He is certified by the American Concrete Institute and the American Society of State Highway and Transportation Officials for field and laboratory testing of concrete material.  Our other two technicians are also ACI tested and have two & three years field experience.  Our engineering services are provided by a registered professional engineer licensed in the state of Texas.  An application for registration is pending for the state of New Mexico.  He has been registered for over twenty five years as a civil engineer.  His education includes a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and annual continuing education courses.

 We adhere to the requirements of ASTM C-1077 and are in compliance the procedures prescribed in that standard with the exception paragraph 11.1.  We have not been evaluated by an outside agency within the last 24 months.  We participate in the Sample Proficiency Program administered by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratories (CCRL).  Texoma Engineering Services is registered with CCRL as Laboratory #2334.  We have requested an on site evaluation, but do not have the exact date for their inspections in Texas.  We hope to have this by May of this year.

 The company has been approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Transportation as a qualified testing laboratory.  We recently provided concrete testing on the 47 span bridge over the Red River at Burkburnett, Texas.  We have provided testing or Geotechnical services for the State of Texas DOT, The Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of the Navy, and most of the local cities as well as many industrial companies.  A detailed list of specific jobs and references are available upon request.

 We are members of the ASCE, ACE, ASTM AASHTO, CSI, and TSPE.  We maintain a current file of ASTM and AASHTO references and adhere to the calibration requirements for all laboratory equipment.  We have our own laboratory manual, which has been reviewed by the Oklahoma Department of Highways.  A copy of the Laboratory Manual will be furnished upon request.


Our Mission

The primary mission of Texoma Engineering Services is to provide competent, timely and professional services for our clients.  Managementís primary objective is to support the technician in the field.  With few notable exceptions, most of our client/contractor relationships are with people who are doing their best to perform a quality job for their part.  Our objective is to provide the most professional, cooperative service we can possible.  In many situations, this requires communicating with the client or suppliers, staying with the client to work out his situation, suggesting some alternatives, or other possible avenues to provide a quality product to the end user.  While the quality of our services must remain above reproach, the objective of providing a quality, timely product remains a high priority within our organization.


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